Xiaomi Mi 3 Sold out in 1 Second on Flipkart!!! 26 August 2014!

Did you click on the buy now button the moment the timer ticked 3,2,1 Buy now and got a message showing Out of stock! Today's Mi 3 sale is now over? Dont worry so did 70,000 other people!
The new Xiaomi 3 Sold out on Flipkart in a record 1 second where 1,00,000 People had registered but only the few with the fastest clicks could get their hands on one!! 20,000 people are now the prowd owners of the Xiaomi Mi 3. This has been the fastest sale ever on Flipkart and it doesent suprise us much by looking at Xiaomi's grasp at the Indian Market. The Flipkart sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 on Tuesday has marked a landmark for Xiaomi, 20,000 Mobile Phones were up for grabs and were sold in a record 1 second! Sorry for those people who could not get their hands on one as might have been the same reaction for 70,000 more people who were eagerly waiting to click on that buy now button the moment the clock went 3.2.1. BUY NOW. You are not alone my friend but Try out next Tuesday you may have luck! :)
Xiaomi mi3 sold out 1 second flipkart
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Xiaomi mi3 sold out 1 second flipkart

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